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I am still building my shop and recently bought a larger used table saw. Not sure if anyone is interested in my used Delta (small) saw). Would look to trade for drill press, hand planes, band saw, clamps, ROS. Basically anything else wood working related.

It runs fine. I just really don't need it. I'm right outside Harrisburg PA for anyone local. Thanks


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Sorry I am not in need of another table saw, I have a Delta Unisaw.

I have some "excess inventory" tools which I have not yet tried to sell on Craigs List etc.

Bosch 10in Sliding Compound Mitre Saw. Single bevel model. Nothing wrong with it, I just upgraded to the Bosch 12in Glider a few years ago. Been gathering dust since.

Bosch 3915 10-inch Slide Compound Miter saw-inchcludes Dust Bag and Work Clamp - Amazon.com

I also have a Craftsman Bench Radial Drill Press. Looks like this Grizzly model but 1/3HP motor. Nothing wrong with this either. Another case of upgrade, in this case to a floor standing Powermatic PM2800 drill press.


I have a couple of Irwin 30in parallel clamps. I do not like these. I also rarely use my other 30in parallel clamps. Longer than I need for most of my projects and a hassle to use if the length is not needed.


I have some hand planes in the restoration queue, but not yet restored, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, No. 8.

Send me a PM if interested and we can talk. You may be only about 1 hr drive away, although not in todays crappy weather.
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