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Toughest project yet...a birdhouse!

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Have been working on a birdhouse in woodsmith magazine. 119 I think. It's got more miter cuts than anything else I have worked on. I think I hate it but it has helped me learn a lot. Anyone else ever built this? Almost done but I would like to know if you had trouble with it also.

The pic is what it's going to look like hopefully.


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You can try reaching out to forum member Cranbrook2 who calls himself an Extreme Bird House Maker - for good reason. He makes some incredible bird houses.


He has not been on the site since the end of Sept.
It's getting there. Still needs some work but happy it's almost over.


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Looking good! :thumbsup:

Will you be applying a finish? :smile:
Thanks, it's been a fun project so far. After applying all the trim and everything, I will probably prime and paint it. I'll prime the inside also to protect from all the things that happen in there lol.
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Very nice work Maverik ! Angles can be tricky sometimes if they are not a common angle .In this case they are all 22 1/2 degree angles which are very common . I have built several shapes like this in the past and once I cut one piece I use it for the pattern for the rest of the pieces . I guess it is just a matter of lots of practice :icon_smile:
Finally got it finished. I am investing in an angle gauge before ever attempting another. Lots of test pieces were used and it took a while. But I am pretty happy with the results. On to the next project, wood weapons for my son and his cousins.


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Looks Great! :thumbsup:

Be sure and post a pic in it's natural environment. :smile:
That looks fantastic. I think you've done an excellent job on this one. I know that angles can be a pain in the butt and that sometimes, you just end up shaking your head and wondering why nothing is matching up, but I'm glad to see that you stuck with it. You've got one heck of a nice looking bird house there. Great work.
Nice work. 👍few years ago I turned a birdhouse out of a log keeping the outside bark. Didn't last long in the weather but I put a bird cam in it which connects to your Tv . Everyone was thrilled watching the birds hatch . I'm not a birder just something to do.
Thanks for all the good words about it. It makes it worth it. The camera in it is a great idea michiganwoodman. But I would have to have 4. Maybe for another one. Love the idea though.
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