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So my Woodturning Club had a Tool Swap today. There was lots of stuff there. The down side with selling stuff myself is I didn't have much chance to shop until most of the people had left. Here's a few things I purchased:

Screw Clamps:
Paid $45 for (6) 10" & (2) 6".

Antiques Drill (I bought for my office wall decoration.)

Stanley No 3 Plane: (Paid $25)




This is my first hand plane and I don"t know anything about them. When I get a chance, I'd like to restore it and hopefully learn to use it. I was really looking for a small older Stanley Block Plane.

There were still a half dozen or so WAAYYYY older planes there buy I had no idea what I was looking at. One had a screw to arch the bottom for planing on a curve. Was told it was used by ship builders.
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