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took some pics

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Plant Wood Artifact Vegetable Ceramic

This little hollow thing is yellow birch and walnut. Had this wood for a few years now in the garage and it got interesting to say the least. Piece is about 6 x 6


this is box elder and is about 5 x 6. I am kind of sweet on this one.

Wood Bowl

This is an oak bowl with a burl topper but technically its a hollow vessel 7 x 5

Rock Wood Mineral Art
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Bowl Wood Tree Table Food

silver maple 12.5 x 5.24

earthenware Ceramic Bowl Drinkware Tableware

maple, sugar maple I think. 7 x 3.75 this is a light bowl, cut fairly thin.

Bowl Wood earthenware Tableware Ceramic

yellow birch 6 x 2.25 this was a crazy tree in how the live wood snaked through the dead soft wood.


diamond willow 25 x 5 to the tips and high points.
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Bowl Tableware Mixing bowl Wood Dishware

black ash. Other that the bead on the top rim another somewhat thin bowl. Air blows through the poors anyhow. Not lamp shade thin. 9.75 x 3

Table Tree Roof Plant Outdoor furniture

Butter nut, winged bowl, or should I say a bowl with wings. If I recall the size was about 23 x 3.5

Footwear Tree Trunk Wood Plant
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lookin good! what lathe did you turn those larger pieces on? must have been a heck of a process... very cool:)
Lots of very unique work there. I'd love to see more pics. As beautiful and fascinating as they all are, it is the black ash bowl that I stared at the longest. I've been overrun with ash and I'm getting tired of turning it but that bowl inspires me. Thanks for sharing.
This is what i like to see thinking outside the bowl. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
Thanks all.

I got a p.o.s. of a hf lathe and the head stock turns, the steps taken to do those longer pieces were a bit hairy to say the least.

I can take some other pics if there was some you wanted to see more. I took a nice free form piece to a gallery and some of these with and figured I best have some shots for my own records. But for the most part I don't bother to much anymore with pics of the wood cuz they never really do them justice. I am sure I don't have to tell anyone here that. The black ash bowl has some appeal in its simple design, feels light but sturdy and useable. I got all kinds of it as well. Most of it will be fire wood. With the ash, maple, and now a large boxelder tree I brought home I got some storage room problems to deal with. That's not a complaint just needs to be delt with. I have been chunking up the box elder this past week and its an amazing tree and I don't even like to use that word cuz I feel like its so over used but it fits this time so those blanks will get the best spots.
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That is a good variety. You did a great job on all of those.
Hwood, you have got my ATTENTION! Those look great, even on a HF lathe, and yes, I own one myself!
Great stuff!
All eye candy to me! Really like the patterns in the wood. Amazing what plain ol' trees can have in'em--that's one reason I like turning much.
Dave H
I like it all !! The winged one on the mantle is definitely out of the box of normal turning. Your an good example of "...it's not the quality of the equipment, but the knowledge of the driver/user..." BUT quality equipment does make it safer and easier on the user.

keep up the great work!!
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