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Not realy woodworking tools, but still hand tools

The $20 Box

Just for reference, the table is 6' long. The big Adjustable wrench is worth what I paid for the whole box, as are the padlocks. There are some Snap-on and Mac wrenches in there too.

$5 Bench Grinder

This is after I took it apart and cleaned it a bit, seems like it has hardly been used. The next picture has one of the wheels I took of it as well as another I got at another sale. It looks to be the original Sears and Roebuck grinding wheel (Red), The other is a Montgomery Wards(Blueish).

$1 Tool Box

It was empty when I got it, I stuck all the wrenches from the $20 box in it.

Also picked up this Bow for $5.

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