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prinler said:
I gotta try that.

I have a compressor and was curious if anyone uses a small paint gun in there wood projects? I seen the wood whisperer do it. If so what equipment do you use? Details please
Cup guns work alright, you have to normally buy them depending on what kind of finish you will be running through them, wether its lacquer, varnish, latex, etc. because of the tip sizes involved. The downside to it all, though you have a compressor, it won't be as easy as to hooking up a cup gun to the compressor then start spraying, you'll probably want to get a water/oil separator and a line conditioner/ dryer since compressors put out too much moisture in the lines, if you don't do that, you will be likely to get an orange peel effect and uneven spray patterns.... Spraying is a hole different animal and it can make or break your project... Kinda sucks
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