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Not a lot of information for others to attempt a diagnosis.

A picture may help.

What size hose?
How many fittings and of what type are in the line?
What size Dust Collector?

Adding anything in the line between the machine and the dust collector has an impact of the pressure drop of the system and hence an impact on the airflow, both of which have an impact on the ability to remove the chips and dust.

I do not have an airflow meter. I just have to use the old hand over the port to feel the suction pressure at the port. The more suction pressure, the more airflow you are getting at the port.

Try the hand at the port with the present system. Temporarily removed the Thien separator and try again. I expect you will feel the difference.

If you have increased the pressure drop in the line, you will have caused a reduction in airflow. I think the reduced airflow is not able to keep the large chips from a planer at high enough velocity to avoid falling out of the stream. As they fall out, they start to block the flow, lower velocity means more fall out, and soon blockage.

In the last year I had a campaign in my shop to reduce the number of fittings and changes of direction. I changed short radius 90 deg fittings for long radius fittings. I removed a Y adapter, I changed some 90 deg fittings to 45 deg fittings. I shortened the lengths of the flexible hose. I even mounted the blower on the wall so it is now a straight shot into the collar of the dust collector. I had a large increase in suction and flow at all the ports. I only have a 4in line.
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