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.....Right now I'm looking at Grizzly along with Powermaitc, and Rinkon. What's the consensus?
of the three, if you are inclined to spend a lot for an average saw, then powermatic is the brand for you. they cost a lot but the other two brands are more than able to do whatever a PM does at a lower cost. i have a rikon 10340, predecessor to the 10-456. it's a great, great saw. there are usually sales around year end of rikon 14" (10-325) and a larger saw (10-345 last year) that get prices at or below $1000. right now, the grizz 17" anniversary saw that's ~$800 (reduced $100) is a really nice saw. i had a chance to look it over in the muncy show room and it looked to be well built and substantial. with grizzly, you get the most bang for the buck. with rikon, you get a great product and a first rate company behind it. with PM, you get a greater expense and the same performance as the others.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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