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cant wait to dive in and get Ideas, tips, and knowledge of wood working.. One of the projects I want to accomplish is a Twisted Clock ( my wife鈥檚 favorite ) I can not find:
books, video鈥檚 or plans 馃様. Can anyone point/ shove 馃槣 me in the right direction.

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Welcome to the forum! Visit often and interact in the discussions.

Plans for a twisted clock are apparently few and far-between. However, there is one supplier that may be worth researching -- Cherry Tree Toys. They have a scroll saw plan for a mini-grandfather clock for $7 (+ shipping of course).
Here's the direct weblink: Twisted Mini Grandfather Clock Scroll Saw Plan | Cherry Tree Toys

I've purchased wheels for toys, clock parts and mini-spindles in quantity from them in the past, and was happy with the quality.
For additional clock part selections, I'd recommend: Klockit.com/

Also, there are many "twisted clock" images posted on the internet that may give you ideas, but with no dimensions.

Good luck with you project and don't forget to send us photos of your creations!
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