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Tenon jig for table saw. Opinions needed

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Just wondering what you opinions are for a TS tenon jig. Like this one. Is the quality the same with the different companies? Delta,Rockler,woodcraft,grizzly. Which do you think has better options?


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+3 for building your own. I used it on one or two projects but I found out that using the band saw and it's fence, works a lot easier, no clamping involved. Set your fence to the right depth, and clamp a block to the depth you want, slide your piece thru till it stops. 14" bandsaw with 3/8 or 1/2" blade, less wonder and makes for a straighter cut.
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I have a Delta and use it only once and a while. I do like it, if you are doing a number of cuts it is good to have around. If I didn't have one I guess then I would have made my own.

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But you can make a pretty cool one if you want: http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f27/tenoning-jig-modified-15905/
Than one rides against the fence, so if you fence is accurate and can be fine tuned in small increments, it will work fine. If not you're better off with a commercially made one with fine adjustment feature. :yes:

you'll find a few hours of enjoyable reading here:
I made one very similar to that one. works fine.
old thread here.

i built several that straddle the fence. the lack of micro adjustability is no more a problem here as it is cutting a board with it. this is my preferred method of cutting tenons.
I use the old style, cast iron, 20 pound Delta. It's not adjustable for angles, but it will absolutely repeat the same setup all day long. I can't think of anything I would trade for it.
Proof that once again...there's more ways than one to cut a board!!!
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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