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Tenon jig for table saw. Opinions needed

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Just wondering what you opinions are for a TS tenon jig. Like this one. Is the quality the same with the different companies? Delta,Rockler,woodcraft,grizzly. Which do you think has better options?


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I have a Woodcraft model. It sits there gathering dust while I use one very similar to the one that woodnthings made. Mine rides along the Biesemeyer fence.

I got a rather good deal when I bought the jig from Woodcraft but with 20-20 hind sight, it was money wasted.

One of the magazines had the plan for my tenon jig. (Don't remember which one.) It was a free-be. I would say to build your own. The concept is simple and the most difficult part is putting a fence on the jig that is perpendicular to the table.
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