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I once modifyed a router base to flush trim the jamb in place (on the wall). Put a 3/4" rabbiting bit (without bearing) in the router... make a cleat 3/4 X 3/4" X 4"s long. Fix this cleat to a wooden router base plate so the bit is just slightly cutting a cove in the cleat. The bit depth should be set flush with the drywall. This will cut the jamb flush with the drywall. I recall having to cut the corners with a flex hand saw. Maybe a 3/8ths dowel in the base would be better...or a shorter cleat. At anyrate...this helped speed-up the trim job. All the jambs in this house were proud of the drywall. Another way to taper a jamb (a single board) is to make a sled for the radial arm saw. Scribe the taper...then pin the board to the sled. First, saw a shallow curf in the sled...then align the taper cut to the shallow curf. I guess that could also be done on the table saw. Hope this helps Rick
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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