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Hi Everyone,

Steven from Northern Virginia here. I'm sincerely hoping you guys can help guide me as I try to relearn a lost family art. I've been toying with the idea for awhile now but didn't (and in many ways still dont) know where to start.

My grandfather used to make a living working wood. He had a nack for simple and creative means to maximize space, and add function in kitchens, closets and furniture without sacrificing form. He passed early in my life and I lost my father shortly there after. Sitting in a house filled with their furniture- some of it dating back to the 1930s, makes me want to see what I've got. Start simple and maybe one day add a chair or two to my grandfathers dining set.

I picked out a few projects to get me started. A coffee table and two bedside tables. My current tool inventory is a 10 year old ryobi jobsite table saw, corded dewalt drill, grandfathers 1970s era router and jigsaw and more clamps than you can shake a stick at. I have a small tool buget to get me started ($500).

I'm not a complete rookie. While I haven't done complex I've built about 20 decks, 2 gazebos, a pig barn, picnic tables, benches, pergolas, three different fences, plenty of house framing, 4 closet systems, and a one room school house. I just have no idea how to address the fine stuff and no one to guide me.

Anyway- plan to draw a few things up, bounce them off you guys and take my time. So... Am I in the right place?

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