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Hello all,

I'm in the process of finalizing the design for a trestle table, the first large table I have ever built.

The table top will be made from 5 pieces of 1" cherry, dimensions will be 72" x 38". Here's my question: Though the table will not be dis-assembled regularly, I want to make sure that the table can be moved easily so I'm planning on making the top removable. My question to you all is this:

Can the top live on it's own or does it need some cross-members to keep it from splitting when being moved? Pictures below.

In the first one, the top stretcher has been dropped down to allow for the trestle tops to be permanently attached to the table top, reinforcing it from splitting along the grain or glue lines.

The second top has the top lifting off of the trestle, the trestle remaining intact, but now the top has no reinforcement against splitting along the grain or glue line.

So, am I safe with the second design (which I prefer)? How fragile is a table top like this? Am I leaving myself open to splitting the top when moving it if it is not reinforced against across the glue lines / grain? Advice please.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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