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Table Saw

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Hello All,

What would you guys recommend for a portable table saw. I have seen the Bosch and Ridgid at Home depot. Anyone care to comment on things to look for or share their experince on what saws worked for them.

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The Bosch has won every last 10" bench top table saw shootout/review I have ever seen.
The Ridgid has made honorable mention/Best Buy palcements etc. as has the Dewalt.
I do not own a benchtop table saw but I find times when I need one. It's just a matter of time before I get one and when I do it will certainly be the Bosch.
Amazon runs sales occasionally where they throw in the heavy duty roll-around stand and saw together for $499.
I have used 3 different newer model brands ( Dewalt,Bosch,Craftsman). Of the 3 the Bosch IMO is the best with the Dewalt a close second. The Bosch comes with a great collapsible stand. While the Dewalt has a really nice micro adjustment knob. The Craftsman:thumbdown: is powerful but has a very unstable stand while cutting any type of sheet goods and its table sliding cut adjustment is just terrible:cursing: . Get the Bosch:thumbsup: . Just my 2 cents!:eek:
Man, I must have gotten a lemon DeWalt. I wouldn't recommend the DeWalt to anyone and consider it my worst purchase to date:furious: . I have heard good things about the Bosch and the Ridgid.
Thanks !! -Table Saw

Thank you all very much for your input.
It has been helpful.

Happy New Year !!!

I've got the rigid and sitting next to the bosch, the bosch comes close but it does not compare. They both have really nice stands, powerful motors, and are durable, but the table adjustment on the rigid is way better when you have to slice a sheet of plywood or something large, and the fence seems to be much more accurate. I would put both of those in the 2 top picks for portable saws, and would not recommend the dewalt to my worst enemy.
Everything I have read about the Bosch is positive, it is just so bulky for a "portable" saw. I have had a Dewalt for several years, and although it is a couple pounds heavier tham most, it is fairly compact.. and the fence is a pleasure. Also have a MAkita, great motor, but typical portable saw piece of junk fence. I just recently bought the new more compact Dewalt with 16" capacity.Have not had it long enough to comment on long term, but like it's big brother, that fence is great.
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