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have two extension tables on my table saw. One to the right of the blade, made from a Woodpeckers router table top they had on liquidation. On the left side I have two 10" cast aluminum extensions (total 20")I purchased when I bought the saw in 1976. I want to replace the ones on the left side with one made from melamine board 3/4" thick with oak around three sides and with oak around the perimeter of the under side of the top reinforcing the top to a full 1 1/2" around the perimeter. The new melamine one is also 20" wide. The Beis fence rails would support 7" of the 20" total width of the extension, would that be strong enough to support the weight of the extension or would I need some additional support to hold the outer 2/3 of the top?

I can get some flat strap steel and screw it to the extension top in two places front and back into the first 3 inches of the part unsupported by the Beis fence rails and two times into the last 13" both front and back. Or perhaps instead of flat strap steel maybe 1 1/2" angle iron screwed into the sides and bottom of the unsupported 13" of the extension. Another idea would be some angle iron, say 1", screwed to the entire underside of the full 20" of the extension along the front and back.

Your thoughts / suggestions??


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