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MT Stringer said:
I made some modifications to my TS sled. Here are some pics. More detailed pics are in my album. It was fun.
Great job. Sleds have really come a long way in the last few years. They have really made the cross cut on the table saw a much safer and accurate cut.


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Wow. That's awesome. How do you like the kreg stop?

I have thought if using on on a chopsaw station.
I like it a lot. I have several...three for the miter saw station. I have one swing stop on each side of the saw because it has to be dedicated in order for the ruler to be accurate with the cursor. The prod stop has dual cursors so it can be moved from side to the other.

I had two swing stops set up on my drill press yesterday...no ruler, just doing stop duty.

Note: The swing stop is prone to a sloppy fit, so I check it often to make sure it is snug at the pivot point. Overall, they work well for me.

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