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Table saw options?

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I'm in the market for a new saw. I've outgrown my old craftsman since I'm framing less and doing more woodworking, interior, and exterior trim.

The saw has to fit in the trailer and needs to be movable by 1-2 persons. I need more ripping capacity, let's say at least 30" and a more powerful motor for cutting hardwoods. Dust collection isn't a factor as it will be used "al fresco" the majority of the time. I'm thinking a contractor style will suit my needs the best. I'm not looking to spend a small fortune 1K is about the max. I don't think there are any "portable" models that will fit the bill but i could be mistaken. A good fence is a must.

One saw that has caught my eye is the Grizzly GO576. Anyone have any expirience with this unit? Is 2hp gonna be enough muscle?

Thanks in advance
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Is 2hp gonna be enough muscle?
For what you described I would think so. You aren't going to be ripping thick hardwoods so there's no reason for a monster, but you couldn't haul it anyway.

Contractor saws were made lightweight for the very use you are describing and they can be muscled around pretty easily by one guy.

Look at the Bosch portable too I can't remember if it has that much ripping width or not but it has the power to do what you descibed as well.

Let us know what you come up with.
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