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I got a chance to attend the SWAT symposium In Waco. I've been three years now, and it keeps getting better. The instant gallery is very humbling and inspiring at the same time.

Teapot Turquoise Blue Ceramic Serveware

This was the people's choice favorite by Alan Trout. Those are acorn caps in resin.

Product Bowl Wood Pottery Interior design

This bowl by Ashley Harwood was large yet very elegant. The curves flowed and were broken up by perfectly executed beads.

Purple Metal Plant

Table Artifact Pottery earthenware Metal

Sharon Ayers made these two boxes that had beautiful shape and embellishment. The purple one was included in the critique session, and was universally liked by the critics.

Toy Yellow Action figure Animation Figurine

The Beads of Courage winner was this Despicable Me box. About 120 of these boxes were donated for this cause. I have a ton more pics and will share some of them in another post. If you get a chance to make it down to Waco next year, it's worth the trip.

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I was there also. Did two demos for them. Got to see a few more but was kept busy in the Vendor area either meeting people or doing threading demos for Bestwoodtools.
It is the best symposium that I've been to in all these years. They run it extremely well. If you get the chance you need to go. It's 11 to 12 hour drive for me but I'm going to try and attend next year.
The instant gallery is always a hit at these symposiums. This one was great as usual.
Meeting all the people was fantastic. I don't get out west very often so I met a lot of turners I've talked to on the web but never met.
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