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Rigid seems to be their new chose, especially with a lifetime warranty. Anyone have an opinion on Rigid tools?
Don't do it. I bought a Rigid R4331 thinking the same as you. First one lasted about 12 days of what I would consider normal use. Then it started eating itself alive and sounded like a coffeecan full of nuts. Returned it thinking I got a lemon, got a new one, and within 2 hours of getting the new one home, it started eating internals as well.

Bought a Dewalt 735 with the extra knives and in/outfeed table package from Amazon and haven't looked back. The quality on the Dewalt is FAR superior. Plus, it has 2 feed rates, and the slow one will save you time on sanding (still need to sand, but you can start at a higher grit). Spend the money.
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