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Really underground garage
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Eric Sloan generally does a fine job of balancing written word with illustrations.Whomever is doing his illustrations is even striking a good balance.The FWW books also represent a good balance between readabilty and actual reference material.Their "tips' book is decent.....as are some of their repro books.

I'm sort of a book critic when it comes to "how to",furniture books,architectural books,machine stuff,etc.etc.Not a 'bad" critic,its just that I have an insatiable need to read about things that are of interest........which are noted above(and have a mtn of books).I spend probably around 100$ a month on used books.We truly live in a VG time regarding "books",it's the whole computer thing.

Now to your question......you really need to buckle down and decide exactly which direction or compass heading you want.Is it,general 'shop practices".....maybe rehabbing/rebuilding old "Arn" or houses.......wanna build some repro case goods?Do you want a true....."how to",paint by numbers style of book.Or are you looking for historic reference material?

My last 3 books(used amazon):Two were related to a customer's kitchen design(tired of educating folks on design,can loan them a few books).....this is when there's an exact "style" or direction.I had several on this particular style,but took a chance and snagged a cpl more.One was dang near perfect for this application...the other sucked.The latter wasn't worth the paper it took to print.

The other of this 3 book lot was Victor Wowk's excellent treatise on machine vibration,balancing.As a longtime student of machine design,its interesting to compare methods of work(balancing in this case)between older machines and new.

So,pick a direction.....hit up a local library,used book store,and online used books.You'll end up with some real dogs from time to time,but 90% will be some VG reading.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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