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I know that many suggest that the SS Mark V is far from the best lathe for turning bowls. However, at this point I am going to use it. I have yet to turn any bowls, only pens. I also realize that the tool rest which came with my model is far from the best either.

So I have looked at the various other rests that SS offers: these are:

Specialty Tool Rests Kit (this is the combo of the next 3 rests)
4-inch Specialty Tool Rest
S-Shaped Bowl Specialty Tool Rest
90-degree Specialty Tool Rest
Lathe Steady Rest
Tool Rest Upgrade Kit
Universal Lathe Tool Rest

So I am seeking the advice of other SS Mark V users as to which rest(s) they suggest using for bowl turning. Any help or suggestions appreciated.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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