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where's my table saw?
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It's the number of slots also

I'm putting in a sub panel and want to get input on what size I need. I cannot imagine exceeding the 100 amps at any one time. My dust collector is 20, but table saw is 20, various lights in electronics won't be much.

Oh Great, another electric thread! :eek: All caveats apply for this advice, which is only general in nature, not specific as to wire sizes etc. So, based on personal experience......

You will want as many slots in your new 100 AMP panel as possible.:yes: I have 5, yes 5, Square D - CO panels with 32 slots. This allows for up to 16 double pole (220 V) breakers which require 2 slots per breaker. My other 2 panels are 225 AMPS and 175 AMPs. The electric company loves me.... :laughing:

Your dust collector needs 20 AMPs from one leg of the 220 supply and requires only one single pole breaker.

Unless you have more than one person operating more than one machine each, you will never need the full 100 AMPs. However the sum total of the breakers can easily exceed 100 AMPs as long as the sub panel main breaker is rated at 100 AMPs. Make certain it has a main breaker so you can shut down the entire shop with one trip of the breaker.
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