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I've been around here for a while, but I rarely comment. Not because I don't like this forum, in face I do very much, but because there's so much to read I never get a chance to chime in!

I'm a semi-professional woodworker, which means I make a living at other things, but also run asmall woodworking business. But my real passion is my woodworking show, which I am very proud of.

It's called Blue Collar Woodworking and it's my take on a "reality show" where the cameras give a glimpse into life in a small shop. But it's filled with ideas for workshop upgrades, new tips and techniques, all sorts of great stuff.

The most recent episode shows how to turn a Workk Sharp 3000 into a "super-duper sharpening machine" that doesn't need any sandpaper, and that accepts Tormek jigs. Plus it shows how to make a stand that holds the discs and accessories AND works as the wide blade sharpening accessory. All of it is made out of simple MDF scraps! And at the end I turn my twisted, sarcastic humor loose on viewer emails- Very funny! :laughing:

Here's the videos. They're free, no signing up for anything, there's no ads or anything like that. Just wanted to know what you thought!
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