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Sawdust Maker
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Safety Police. Please realize when this factory was originally built, safety was not looked at as it is today. Fast forward to present time. These guys are trying to preserve the factory for what it was back then. I am sure these guys are very aware of the dangers they face working in that factory.

Here in Michigan we have the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village (all on the same property). The place is full of old factories and technology of that time. They are all the same. My family visits the village and museum at lest twice a year. I love that old technology. It really shows how we have evolved into what we have today. Pretty cool stuff.

I would bet that if these guys ever get to the point that they can't maintain this old factory anymore, I really hope somebody like Greenfield Village can transport it to their site, so it can continue to be seen by people so we don't forget where we came from.

Mike Darr
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