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Is this a good buy. It has been on for 2 weeks.
Looks to be in good condition. Price is a bit on the high side to me but $40 is not likely to break your bank account.

Ask if the knob and tote are wood or plastic. If plastic, this is not as old as stated, perhaps 1970's - 1980's.

This is from the HyperKitten type study. Type 19 should be rosewood knob and tote.

"Type 19. Planes made by Stanley 1948-1961.
  • All of the features of the previous, except:
  • The frog receiver, in the bottom casting, now is y-shaped.
  • Rosewood is re-introduced, and is often varnished so heavily that it almost obscures the grain.
  • "STANLEY" is now incised in a vertical direction on the lateral adjustment lever.
  • The original type study doesn't mention this, but on some of the models of this type "STANLEY" is stamped on both sides of the lateral adjustment lever. I've seen enough of these to convince me that's it wasn't accidental, or if it was, it was a big screw-up.
  • The knurling on the brass depth adjuster is now parallel on most examples.
  • Later examples have the familiar black paint on the hardwood tote and knob.
  • Type study doesn't mention this, but the cutters now have rounded tops instead of the angular top. This change happened in the mid--1950's, in my opinion.
  • Furthermore, the original type study doesn't mention the change in the finish applied on the forked lever. For a short while, some models had a nickel plated appearance on them as a finish rather than the usual black japanning. Where in the sequence of actual manufacturing this subtle change fits is unknown to me, but I've only noticed it on those planes equipped with rosewood knobs and totes and rounded irons.

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Good condition Stanley #3's go for $40 to $50 plus shipping on ebay, so his price is decent. The box adds "collectability" to it but only adds value if you are a collector. From a user standpoint,I love my #3. It's a great plane.
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