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Curious what brand of slider

you are working with. From what I hear in your post, I believe youo are attempting to utilize two seperate functions of the saw. The rip fence on my saw is also toed out on the rear of the blade. Just enough to prevent the teeth coming up from touching the wood. Though I do not have a slider, my understanding of their use is that the sliding portion has a rail with stops (frequently) that is square to the blade. In this arrangement, you can't use both points of reference and hope to get properly cut panels. First step, verify that the rail on the slider is square to the blade. Make a trim cut on the largest piece of material you can get your hands on (and that the saw will accomodate) while holding it against the stop rail on the slider. Next, flip it left to right so that you still have the same edge towards you. Put it against the stop rail and make a second trim cut. Now measure left to right at the far end and the near end. If there is a difference in your readings, the rail is out by HALF that distance. Adjust the squaring rail and retest.

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