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Spurs and such

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Does it matter where i buy my spur drive and live center or are they all preety much the same quality?
I was hoping i could buy mine from busy bee because they are around $12 each.
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Anyone? I would like to buy them soon.
Spurs drive, revolving live centres they come in different sizes and styles there are multi centres, all comes down to what you want, and what you want to pay. you by cheap live centres and thats what you get, you pay more you get better bearings and a higher standard of item. take a look at woodcraft and places, its not rocket science.
Most cheaper ended lathes come with there drives and spurs but of a cheap nasty nature the spurs are genrally a blunt end and needs to be reground. If you use a chuck then look at spurs that fit the chuck saves a lot of bother taking chucks of when you do some spindle work, just drop the spur into the chuck and your away.
So I shouldnt cheap out on the live center and pay $40 for the one at lee valley. As for the spur drive could you suggest anyone else?(preferably in Canada) If not it shouldnt cost that much to get it mailed.
If you go here you should find what you want, i don't have any idea of suppiers in canada. google search on net.

Thanks for your help. I think ill go with the live center at lee valley because they only carry good stuff so i know im not wasting my money. As for the spur drive ill do some more looking around because id rather not pay shipping.
Thanks again.
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