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There is a Sprunger model G2017, s/n G8-26736, at my mother's house. I remember when my dad bought it new, circa 1958 - 1960. It was used in his home shop for various occasional projects (including my early speaker cabinets) until his death in 1991. Since then it has moved between basement and garage at my mother's house a few times, and actually operated no more than a few dozen times.

I think this saw was designed for commercial rather than home shop use - for pattern makers, second-operation machine in a cabinet shop, etc. I believe all the major components are cast iron. In my memory it had a smoother feel to the controls; and more exact cuts, than other machines I've used. It has the miter head, rip fence, and steel stand but no extension tables. Of course, it swings only an 8" blade rather than the now-standard 10".

Its days at the present location are numbered but its eventual disposition is uncertain. Does it have much value, as either a working machine or a collector's item? Would it be best to just let the scrap metal dealer have it, rather than burdening my mother with the task of advertising and selling it?

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