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spraying latex paint on furniture

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I have been building furniture for The past few months for our house. Some has been stained while others are painted. I have been applying all with brushes and rollers. But I am in the final stages of finishing a buffet/ game cabinet which will be painted with a stained top. I would like to spray the paint on the cabinet.

What kind of system would you recommend for spraying latex for furniture projects?
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Here's the current project that will be painted Red with a dark stain for The top to match existing furniture

Furniture Workbench Table Wood Sideboard
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Spraying Latex

32 oz. Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Paint Spray Gun

Item # 97855

This what I have been useing and After finding the right Thickness, Its a Great Gun. :thumbsup:
I just want to mention 2 things: 1) spraying latex is very hard because it's so thick, and 2) it's the wrong paint for that project. Latex has an ability to stick to things that sit on it (called blocking). A good acrylic enamel (or acrylic latex), or an oil based paint if you want to deal with the clean up and odor would be a much better choice. Latex paint is good for walls and not much else. Now if you were referring to an acrylic latex, then I completely misinterpreted and apologize.
I agree with Fred that latex is a pretty crummy finish for furniture however to answer you question latex needs to be under pressure to spray well. You can use an airless sprayer or use pressure pot with a conventional sprayer. Spraying it in a cup gun you have to thin it so much it doesn't cover very well. You would have much better results with an oil based enamel. It does need a much cleaner enviroment to work with though because it stays wet for over an hour. I think Rustoleum oil based enamel dries faster than most.
Been experimenting

I been experimenting with a conventional cup-type gun after thinning the latex with water. I have done it successfully on some of my rent home furniture. No sure about the durability.
I'm in the process of the same thing. I'm using a similar gun listed. I'm using a flat latex diluted 4:1 with water. I bought the plastic liners for the sprayer so cleanup is rather simple. After painting my wife lightly sands the corners and knots and then rubs stain on the exposed wood. It has the aged look.
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