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Some days are just better than others on eBay...

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I've been buying on eBay for many years with very few issues however the last 3 out of 4 transactions were sour even though they were "reputable" sellers. The items were listed as "new" with a generic picture, "like new" with poor quality pictures, and "used only 2 times" again with poor pictures however none were anywhere near "as described" (I had to file eBay complaints on 2 in order to get my money back).

Crazy thing is the 1 good transaction of the 4 was a Bosch 1617evs router that was being sold "as is for parts or not working" since it had been dropped (pics showed a cracked base). Price was right to use it for parts (seller said it worked but "no returns") so I took a chance and surprisingly enough it worked just fine plus it came with a bonus.....
a nearly new Whiteside 1/2" spiral flush trim bit that sells online for more than I paid for the entire set up! :smile:


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Thanks John! It actually worked out even better since I already have an extra fixed base from my 1617 kit. :smile:
Dang, I can't believe how expensive that bit is. If you don't mind telling, what did you give for the deal?

A lot of times I go through and throw out lowball bids on a bunch of wood and tools and so on. I know that odds are i'll be outbid on nearly everything. But sometimes I get lucky and end up with cool stuff at a steal (making sure, of course, to always factor in shipping costs, 'cause that alone is often more money than the object is worth).
I found this on a "Buy it Now" listing for $69.00 plus $16.50 shipping which I felt would be a good deal even if only the motor was good since I already had another base. I don't typically participate in auctions since too often I see people jacking up the price causing someone to pay more than they should IMO.

BTW, I do a lot of production work in MDF so the Whiteside solid carbide bits are worth the cost in my situation however free is always better. :smile: One drag is you don't ever want to drop or bump one on anything hard as they will shatter (don't ask how I know! :eek:).
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