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I am a avid fishermen and collector of lures, antique, vintage, and JDM market baits.

These are a couple baitstands that I made to show some stuff off in my office. Nothing fancy or even hard to do just some tinkerings from the shop in my off time.

This first one is just a piece of mesquite cut off we had in the shop.
It is holding a The First S by Maria

This next one is a piece of red oak burl that I cut the side off of and flattened out and sanded smooth. Then used 1/16" stainless steel rod to make holders for the lure. It is holding a Imakatsu javallon Swimbait

So one question to you guys would be as follows.
What would you seal or stain the redoak burl with? I have not done anything to it yet. I love the natural look, So what would you do to it to keep it looking good?

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