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I'm Jim in Allardt Tn. (N. Central)
I'm Retired US Army (Feb 29 2000) and now I woodwork for a living , my wife is a dog groomer, we work at home (small old farm).
I mill/kiln/moulder/make furniture for indoor and outdoor/more.
Wood worked since 82 and milled/dried since 92.
I also sharpen band blades and planer/jointer HHS blades.
I enjoy talking woodworking subjects from your tree to your woodworking.
My business is set up to process logs from commercial or residential into lumber or ready to use lumber products.
I work situations like milling logs into log run T/G flooring/wallboards/moulding, or log run lumber.
I sell whole board lumber and lumber cuts. Lumber cuts are a customers project cut list that I make lumber cuts for then ship it to them. The advantage is the customer only pays for the cuts that they use/need, it also lets the higher $ wood be put just where they want, it's also put together by a professional woodworker who understands the needs of each furniture component.
I mfr. all sorts of types of furniture (some based on sawmill scraps).
A wood fired hot water heater is the source of heat for the kilns, shop, showroom, dog bathing water, floor heat for our 3k sq' 1890 fixer'upper.
My business prides are Quality/Value/Efficiencies.
My web site is pics of some of my woodworks.
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