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Around here the way it works is the logger's pay a lump sum to go into a woods, that entitles them to cut anything over X" (normally 18") at the stump. That's for the larger woodlots. One farmer next to me did it a little different, he walked the loggers in and showed them the 26 trees he would allow them to remove. They then bid on the rights. Point being you'll have to get a couple of offers. You no doubt know this, but they leave a terrible mess....they are paying to remove the wood, and don't much care about the mess and destruction they leave behind. On the other hand, one farmer's wood that had been logged had the best deer hunting I had ever seen for about 4-5 years after the loggers left; but he didn't clean up anything, just left the woods as the loggers left it.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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