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I am so grateful that I found this site. It looks like there is lots of experience here for me to draw on.
I am relatively new to "wood working" although I have done some minor things for years with basic tools. Circular saw, jig saw, hand planer, hammer and nails...etc. I decided this last summer to expand my horizons and started picking up some used tools from yard sales and Craigs list as well as a few new things from Harbor freight and Sears to add to the meager tools I already had. I have added a compound miter, router and table, table saw, drill press, hand held power planer, belt sander...well you get the idea. I have been trying to acquire as many DIY plans that I can find that will teach me some useful techniques that I can use on future projects.
Sorry, long winded.
I will have lots of questions. Be patient with me.
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