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Slotting plywood together

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Hi all - relatively new to woodworking and don't have a huge amount of tools or experience etc.

I have the idea to make a shoe rack from the cheapest thing I could find locally (9mm plywood). I would have liked thicker, but price was putting me off.

I am planning to just slot the plywood together. But haven't had any experience of doing that and cant find much at all on the forum or internet - maybe becasue it's so simple , no one bothers to write it up?

Do I literally cut the slots at 9mm? I don't have a router or table saw , so would I just see what my circular saw blade removes and work around that?
I plan on 3 'legs' / cross section pieces and 3 shelves, so would it stand and support itself or do I need to do something else ?

Any tips appreciated.
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Do you think there is any way, by hand, to mimic that method you explain on the CNC on your blog?
It's done often by hand by simply making a slightly tapered slot or key. The simplest way with your method is simply sand off some of your jig sides close to the entry and don't touch it at the deepest part. Make sure the router rides both sides as you cut into the plywood. Adjust it to fit.
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