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I have been doing woodworking for about thirty years and in all that time, I have a whole lot of machines and tools. I have made countless jigs for several things and bought others.

I am looking to spend some money or should I say my family is to buy me something for my hobby.

What about a sled of some type that could be used to cut small pieces of wood of various angles( I do a lot of Jewelry boxes and cases). Yes, I have made a lot of jigs and bought some but in the past, I tried to keep the cost down of things I bought but heck, I am retired now and deserve to have my family splurge a bit.

So, what are your thoughts? I am not up to par as to what is out there. I am looking for precision?


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I just don't think there's anything thing new out there.Thats why most of us have stopped going to woodworking shows.Its just the same junk just a different color.You have reached the top.Its now the archer not the arrow.:thumbsup:.Maybe its time to start using those special planks you been hoarding?:smile:
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