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SketchUp allows you to geotag your model and display the shadows produced by the sun. However, impossible to simulate artificial lighting. It must pass through an engine internal or external rendering. For external rendering engines, there Kerkythea, free and efficient.

Here's a way to quickly create a bright surface.

Firstly, it will ensure that you download and install Kerkythea and the export plugin.

  1. In your SketchUp model, draw a face (red in our example)
  2. Color the face and / or rename the matter explicitly.
  3. Export your SketchUp model to Kerkythea.
  4. Apply the material DIFFUSE LIGHT contained in the default library (BASIC PACK).
  5. Adjust the power (POWER) in part RADIANCE SELF Editor material (MATERIAL EDITOR).
  6. Render.

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