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I did dado the dividers and the insides of the top/bottom/sides for the shelves and glued them all in place. Because this was my first project, and I didn't think too far ahead, the dado's run the length of the shelves/dividers, which are about 4" shorter than the total depth, so there are some unsightly exposed dado's on the backside. If I had planned better, I would have routed just enough for the shelves/dividers and used a chisel to square the ends of the grooves.

In theory, yes; however, you would have to really crank down on the U-bolts to make sure they're secure. Or, you could add in some sort of safety on the top of the conduit that hooks into the opening in case the U-bolts fail. Just make sure you test the weight limit before you mount the TV so if there is any failure, you wont ruin your screen.
Looks good and sturdy. Have you considered adding a face frame around the cabinet and shelves to conceal your dado's? That will give your shelves a thicker look as well. Nicely done project!
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