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So after I built my new workbench I realized that I needed the impact driver for something. I had to dig up under the table top and find the bag and grab a battery off the table top - all in all seemed way over complicated.

I found some sketch up designs for a simple cordless drill caddie and modified it to fit my needs. Credit due: http://funwithwoodworkingtoo.blogspot.com/2014/01/how-to-build-cordless-drill.html

My main difference is that 1) I haven't built the drawer yet (I didnt have slides to do it properly so I'll add it later), and 2) I eliminated a side pocket he had for his glue gun that I didn't need. Mine is also only 18 inches wide as a result of the loss of that side pocket.

He (and I) used screws to put it together but I dont necessarily feel bad about it because 1) I had 3/4" plywood and my table saw physically wont allow for dados larger than 1/2" so I couldn't do the shelves that way. And 2) I was going for ease of design and implementation so the screws worked well.

This and the work bench are all part of a longer term process of reorganizing the garage space to make it more functional for wood working. I'm still a newbie but I'm slowly foraying into more complicated things with the hope that I'll end up building my eldest son a desk for art/school that he wants. That's the goal anyway :)


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