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so, you want to make some routed wood signs ??
or, perhaps you want to learn "Sign Carving" with a router.

WARNING: _ This tutorial is not for the faint of heart. (some cutting and amputation is required).

a member asked me what would be the best hand-held router for making signs.
well, of course there is no right or wrong answer to that. it comes down to the person's skill level, artistic ability, experience with hand-held power tools, and the list goes on.

here is just ONE example that I chose to make a DIY Sign Carving Router.
I purchased a new Dewalt 611 Trim Router. (other brands may work for you).
even the larger 2-1/4 hp routers can be "modified" to a similar configuration.

this is the new router as received, right out of the box:
as you can see, there is not much room to see what the router bit is doing (and awkward to hold).
this particular router model has two LED lights so you can easily follow the lines.

Scientific instrument Drip coffee maker Machine

and after the modifications are made.
Lens Room Photography Optical instrument Camera lens

Random orbital sander Machine Tool Sander Angle grinder

Product Auto part Room

Machine tool Machine Auto part


Scientific instrument Room Optical instrument Joystick

Auto part Metal

I will put the actual build process in another thread.
this project will appeal only to a small audience, so this is just a project piece.

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