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There are two fulcrums to locate correctly = the axle for the throwing arm and the axle for the swinging basket counterweight.

The really interesting that I learned, by about treb #4 or 5, was that they scale up and down arithmetically.
Then you can build anything that you can score the wood for. 300lbs is plenty to give the club trap shooters
some 1lb paper bags of flour to shoot at.

Thank you for the pictures of the triggers. Far more complex than I imagined.
One long rope from the basket back to a stout peg in the end of the slide under the counterweight.
That works just fine for a counterweight of approx 1,000lbs.

The "War Wolf" was supposed to have had some 30,000 - 40,000lbs rock in the counterweight.
Thus able to throw a 1,500 lb dead horse the needed 300+ yards into the castle courtyard.
Hugh Kennedy (Britain) has built one to confirm that claim. Mostly, he uses small cars,
grand pianos, dead pigs and flaming toilets.
Dead pigs and flaming toilets? Sounds like a trip out to my cottage
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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