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Half a bubble off.. {Θ¿Θ}
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This has been a very informative thread! I have never built a treb but have always been intrigued by them.
Here in eastern Maine we have what's known as the "Pirate Invasion" between the towns of Lubec and Eastport. Mostly a waterborne invasion.
This is a tourist attraction & bunches of locals get in on the game.
More than once it's been mentioned that we oughta build a couple small (trailer mounted) trebs to hurl water balloons so to repel the invaders.
I think it would be a great show and a heck of a surprise to the Eastport Clan if the Lubec Clan could pull off a "secret weapon"
I just need to find a few dedicated co-conspirators, who can keep a secret, to make this happen.
Too bad Robson Valley is on the west coast.. I'm sure he'd be involved.
Thanx for a great thread.
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