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Should you match kerfs on opposite boards?

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I am going to build a bathroom four-post table, and was looking at a website explaining how to cut the drawer opening here.

This will reduce the height of that board by two widths of the saw.

My question:
Should I cut the same kerfs from the perpendicular boards to keep them the same height, or will anyone be able to tell that the two side parts are slightly skinnier than the front?

I illustrated what I am talking about in MSPaint--sorry for the crude drawing. The red board will be two kerfs thinner than the yellow board. should I cut the yellow board or just leave it be?



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it will never be noticed.

I did this pix - the side pcs are (nominal) 1/2, the front 3/4


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Thanks for the quick reply and picture!
If you want the width of the sides the same as the front then cut them to match the "finished" dimension of the front.
I'm with Frank, you should mill all apron pieces to the same width. A 1/4 inch difference is pretty noticable
the reveal should be the same.

the thickness of the piece behind the reveal is not seen.
well, unless you pass out drunk on the floor and wind up looking up at the underside....
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