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Should I use the Liveoutside Garden Buildings installers?

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Hi everyone!
Do you have any experiences with a company called Liveoutside.co.uk? My friend saw them at Hampton Court Flower Show and he really liked their gazebos and summerhouses. I am just about to get myself a summerhouse and I’ve found a really good deal for one at http://liveoutside.co.uk/our_products/summerhouses/art25.html. Now I wonder if I should go for their offer of installation for £250 or should I arrange it via a local landscaper? Their offer for assembly seems reasonable but I wanted to get some opinions first – do you have any comments? Thanks a lot .
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They haven't opened an office here in Texas yet Mario. :smile:

But Welcome to the club and if you buy one how bout posting a picture of it.
Keep in mind that larger companys mass produce these things or are set up with jigs and so on the build the parts faster a cheaper than us local smaller company's. Get a couple quotes from locals and go from there.
I too was at the Hampton Court Show. saw the buildings and they looked good but a wee bit expensive.
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