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A thread from just last month about Shopsmith opinions.


The Mark VII seems similar in the capabilities of the individual functions. I think the main difference is the motor head now using Digital Variable Reluctance (DVR) motor and control mechanism.


I do not expect you have heard of DVR. It may have been introduced by Teknatool on their NOVA DVR lathes. I have the NOVA DVR 1624 lathe for 3 years. Works well. Quiet operation. Variable speed with a display for rpm, but not numeric display to set speeds, just and up and down button.

Teknatool site if you want to read more about the DVR motor.

http://www.teknatool.com/products/Lathes/DVR XP/Nova _DVRXP.htm

The Shopsmith Mark VII motor is like my NOVA. The controller board is amp limited, so it generates 1 3/4 HP when connected to 120V and 2HP when connected to 240V. Internal autosensing of input voltage, so no voltage switch.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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