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I have a 4" Shopsmith Jointer which - up until just recently - had been operating fine. In fact, it is still (for the most part) working for me, but with a couple of quirks. About a week (or so) ago, it began that the blades would not spin when the unit was first powered on. It could be heard that the motor was on, but the blades would not start spinning until between 5-10 seconds afterward. Even if the Jointer was powered down, and then immediately back on, there would still be that time delay before the blades would start spinning.

A little less frequent than that are the blades, seemingly, being taxed by the progression of my wood stock over them. I have my blades set for no more than a 1/32nd" cut, and have never exceeded an appropriate speed rate through them. But there are times when the blades will freeze up on my stock.

Does this sound like (maybe) a stretched belt?
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