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A friend of mine asked me to make a shop stool for her dads birthday, and said she wanted a date placed under the stool, something he might find later. She also wanted an image of a mahi mahi fish put on the seat. I drew up a picture to show her what it might look like, might being the key word in that sentence.

I started on the legs first, I put a slight angle outward on all the legs. I learned from a previous stool attempt that straight legs don't work as well as legs that angle out. Yes I used pocket screws.. I know boooooooo... But this was my first time using the kreg jig, and it was so easy! I also learned to never use an impact driver to drive those screws in. I cracked one of the legs and had to recut, and I twisted off two screw heads. Rock maple aint cheap!

On the cross members I cut a rabbit on the ends to go over the legs, I considered pocket screws but I thought showing the dowels that go through would look better.

It was a little cold so I did the seat glue up inside. I have had bad results gluing in cool weather.

I put the fish on

I used the method of a mirrored laser print, then ink down use acetone and the print transfers.

And finished

In hindsight the fish is a little small and I think I went a little too low on the smaller, thinner braces. But she's happy so I'm happy.
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