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I don't have the cleanest shop but it's organized.

I group things together as best I can.

All of my table saw stuff is located in an underwing drawer stack or on a shelf beside the saw.

Most of my router gear is in drawers/shelves in the router table, or on pegboard and shelves at the ends of the table. Fences and large stuff are on pegboard on the wall but might be hung on the back of my RT at some point.

My clamps are all racked up together.

Sanding items are grouped together.

Same with assembly items like pocket hole jig, dowelling jig and biscuit cutter etc.

Most of my drilling/boring kit is located in my cordless charging station.

Finishing nailers, staplers, nail sets putties etc etc are grouped.

This keeps me better organized.

In the interest of full disclosure I must admit that at the moment my shop is a mess. I have tools in my truck and tools in the house.

But... everything has a specific place in my shop and I'll sort it back in when things slow down a bit.
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