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Hey all, thought I would do a thread on shop organization. I have just started reorganizing my shop and I'm about to tear my hair out. I'm about the least organized person on the planet and have been trying to find a system that works for me. I don't think the problem is that I dont know where stuff is, I have a squirrels memory for finding things, but I think that I'm wasting space with some of the stuff I have. There are a ton of things that have built up over the years that I'm not using and will most likely never use. Then there are the things that I would use but they are broken. That WELL YA NEVER KNOW YOU MAY NEED THAT! hoarder mentality is making stuff difficult. Anyway. If you think about shop organization at all or you have a system I would love to hear about how your go about things. Ive seen some youtube videos where there isnt a fragment of dust in the entire shop and it blows my mind... I just finished taking out 15 big trashcan loads of shavings:laughing: Thanks in advance, happy turnin,
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